Risk... tastes
like bacon.

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It’s hard work looking this good! Today is International Lookalike Day... think I’ve got a few of those!… https://t.co/6AKLym0rcQ | Drum roll please, announcing the launch of my own energy drink! Get a can of #KickItRipIt at https://t.co/tQ2FSm5BeJ https://t.co/FbzCLvNTTM | How do you lose a kangaroo? #WheresNed #RiskysOnIt https://t.co/QCUoOFef8G | Hey Ned, what to you call a tired Kangaroo? ...out of bounds! Ha! #Riskyslosingit https://t.co/F4fjjRVNkp | ..so finally out of the tree (don’t ask) ...Now what? #MiddleOfNowhere https://t.co/jP53sPTOks | Risky Xmas Decorations? It's the gift you didn't know you wanted! Get yours here >https://t.co/alwLZ4ZsUU so your t… https://t.co/l5I39aU8D8 | Danger is my middle name! #RiskyMeme #Danger https://t.co/AipAkJm13N | The Riskiest Pit-Crew around! #RiskySquad #KICKITNRIPIT https://t.co/sRVWSdsgmd | Does this suit make me look dangerous? #NewOutfit #LookingGood https://t.co/ErJYLtsv2j

Captain Risky




It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait, it’s me in my gyrocopter spreading my wings across the outback. No one has ever col ...

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Wheelie Welcome Home

Check out my two-wheeler stunt show at my pad in the suburbs - you need lion-like balance, profound concentration and heaps o ...

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