Risk... tastes
like bacon.

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Put your risk factor to the test on Captain Risky's Commando Course! A series of risktastic obstacles coming to a l… https://t.co/HSOE2fPqaH | 🎅 Riskmas Cracker #12: What do you call a cat in the desert? Sandy claws! | 🎅 Riskmas Cracker #11: Why do birds fly south for the winter? Because it’s too far to walk. | 🎅 Riskmas Cracker #10: Why couldn’t the skeleton go to the Christmas party? Because he had no body to go with. | 🎅 Riskmas Cracker #09: What do you call a short-sighted dinosaur? A do-you-think-he-saw-us | 🎅Riskmas Cracker #08: What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo? A woolie jumper | 🎅 Riskmas Cracker #07: Why are pirates called pirates? Because they arrrrrrr! | 🎅Riskmas Cracker #06 Why are Christmas trees very bad at knitting? Because they always drop their needles. | 🎅Riskmas Cracker #05: What carol is heard in the desert? O camel ye faithful.

Captain Risky


Secret Shed Time

Shed loads of risk

05-03-2018 08:33:42

Shhh ...time for some secret time.


Stay Risky

CR x

Bare Necessities

Minimum Coverage

05-03-2018 07:55:13

Is it a bit cold out, or is that just me?


Stay Risky

CR x

Risky Pit Crew

Guaranteed by Me, Captain Risky!

05-02-2018 04:04:12

Stella, racetrack and my faithful pit stop crew - what could possibly go wrong?

#riskysquad #goodtogo

Stay Risky

CR x

My Trusty Trike

Watch me soar

08-01-2018 09:16:02

Stella's gone missing, but I've borrowed a trusty tricycle to track her down! Check out this awesome stunt I've mastered.


Stay Risky

CR x

Towing Dilemma

Should have stuck with the rocket car!

03-12-2017 10:42:05

Moving a camel is harder that it looks, especially when they're as stubborn as Carmel!

#carmelthecamel #dontworkwithanimals #rocketcarsarefaster

Stay Risky

CR x

Rooftop View

Home Inspection

01-09-2017 03:37:19

There is no better way to appreciate my art collection than through my new skylight.

#uninsured #riskyroadtrip #lost

Stay Risky

CR x

Road Trip

Riding Shotgun

06-07-2017 03:26:50

Out on the open road with Stella. You might think it’s risky to let some of these guys take the wheel, but it wouldn’t be a Risky-Road-Trip without them!

#uninsured #riskyroadtrip #lost

Stay Risky

CR x


Temporary Digs

05-05-2017 03:54:27

Staying in some 'alternative' accommodation for a while. You might call it small, I call it cosy. And if anything, since the 'incident', it has brought us all closer together.

#uninsured #nowhereelsetogo #noplacelikehome

Stay Risky

CR x


Roo–ined Fly By!

02-01-2017 06:07:37

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait, it’s me in my gyrocopter spreading my wings across the outback. No one has ever collided with the sky right? Up up and away! #FlyingWithoutWings

Stay Risky

CR x

Wheelie Welcome Home

There's No Place Like Home

06-11-2016 04:36:44

Check out my two-wheeler stunt show at my pad in the suburbs - you need lion-like balance, profound concentration and heaps of adrenaline to be risky like me! #Wheelies

Stay Risky

CR x

Risky Pit Stop

My Faithful Pit Stop Crew

04-09-2016 03:16:33

I have been testing out Stella’s skills on the race track, my Risky pitstop crew have made some pretty sick modifications. I’m in it win it! Nobody remembers a loser.... or do they? #KickItNRipIt #Winning

Stay Risky

CR x

Home Sweet Risky Home

Shaking up the neighborhood

03-05-2016 04:28:35

So I’ve decided to make the move to the suburbs, to meet some new people and see if I can get insured by Budget Direct - I don’t think they appreciated my solar array system and supercharged hot tub. Don’t worry; I haven’t deserted my temple of risk. I’m thinking about putting in on Airbnb, but I’ll need someone game enough to look after my pet python and feed the piranhas – they’re not themselves when their hungry!

Anyway back to my new pad in the suburbs – you’re gonna love it. Sure it doesn’t have my dojo, man cave or Jet Pack Jousting field, but its cosy and I’ve added a few extras to make it feel more like home. It might even be the best looking house on the street – people are always admiring it, they even bring their friends and family.

So far I’ve built a 10 foot ramp on my driveway so I can launch Stella into the second level garage. I’ve added a helipad for my tiger stripped helicopter and just because it’s cool, I've mounted huge speakers to the walls so when I get home they play my theme song. I’m thinking about adding an aquarium too, to house Gummy - my pet tiger shark. The kids would love him.

Well I better get back to it – renovating is a big job.

Hope you like my new pad and feel free to drop it any time.

Stay Risky

CR x

It's Stunt time!

Jumping The Double Helix Divide

03-01-2016 21:50:28

WOAH! That was insane. Probably the most amazing, epic stunt ever. The crowd was going wild, I could hear them chanting, Risky, Risky, Risky! It was just me, Stella and the 94 foot Double Helix. We took off, hit the ramp at a hundred miles an hour and we flew up that ramp and into the air as graceful as an eagle hunting its prey. Now to work out how I get this from my dreams to reality.

Risk-Mas Wrapping

Riskify your Christmas Presents

21-12-2015 04:01:46

Is your present risky enough? Never fear Risky is here! Riskify your presents with yours truly with my personalised gift tags!

Grab them here!

Captain Risky Christmas Wallpaper

Spreading the Risk-Mas cheer!

11-12-2015 00:00:45

Christmas is just around the corner, so it's time to step it up a notch and riskify your computer screens. It's a surefire way to get into the Risk-Mas spirit!


Merry Risk-Mas

Christmas colouring-in, Risky Style!

07-12-2015 02:02:26

Get Ready to Kick it n Rip it, Risk-Mas style! I know you guys are just itching to get in the Risk-Mas spirit - and what better way to feel festive than colouring in some awesome Risky Christmas pages made just for you! So get colouring risky fans - I wanna see who can make Risky the most beautiful piece of artwork I've ever seen!


The adventures of Mini Risky

Let's Kick it and Rip it

25-11-2015 00:27:21

Mini Risky has been "Kickin' and Rippin' it" all over Australia! Check out some of these awesome photos of Mini Risky doing what he does best - Being Risky!

From scaling kitchen cupboards, wrestling with snakes and flying fighter jets, Mini Risky is tackling the world one risky stunt at a time. Just like Daddy!



Happy Father's Day

Risky Style!

28-08-2015 06:44:01

What's better than a Father's Day Card? A Captain Risky Father's Day card! I can't give out presents to every dad (it's hard to judge personal preference, some dads like jumping through flaming hoops, others might prefer a chilled out session swimming with piranhas) but there's one thing they'll all love – ME! You can download your very own Captain Risky Father's day cards right here – it will be the best thing they get all year!

Just like Daddy Father's Day Card
Don't open this Card! Father's Day Card
'Life Lessons' Father's Day Card
Risker than Risky Father's Day Card

Get ready to eat risk for breakfast!

Become a Captain Risky Bobblehead!

13-08-2015 01:09:05

Woah, so you guys really LOVE Mini Risky - so much so that you've got me thinking and I've come up with an awesome idea! While you're all waiting for your Risky Bobblehead to arrive, you can BECOME a Captain Risky Bobblehead! How you say? Well I've had this awesome mask made up (one for kids too) that you can print off from home, cut out, tie some string around it and before you know it you'll be a bobbling Bobblehead too - pretty cool I know! Just don't go trying my awesome stunts - leave that to the professionals.

So what are you waiting for? Download the masks below and get bobbling - oh and don't forget to upload some photos of you being the best bobblehead around to Facebook and tag #minirisky

Happy Bobbling!

Click here to download the adult size mask
Click here to download the child size mask

Introducing Mini Risky!

Let's Kick it N Rip It – Bobblehead Style

09-08-2015 23:59:06

Check it out - It's Mini Me! I look pretty good in miniature don't you think? This is just the beginning – I've got a whole lot of risk planned for this little guy. He makes me so proud - he's just like Daddy!

Check out my new stunt!

Stella vs Plane

06-07-2015 06:55:05

Hey Risketeers... Check out my two-wheeler stunt - you need cat-like balance, deep concentration and mountains of adrenaline to be risky like me!

Mastering your inner ninja!

Practice makes perfect

06-07-2015 06:55:05

Being as risky as me, you need your downtime to regroup, stay focused and most importantly – space to practice those death defying skills. As my Sensei always used to say, “Being Risky is one thing Captain, but to be truly great you must learn to pounce like a lion, fall like a leaf and run like the wind” His words were wise and have helped me become the risky man I am today.

So in his honour, I decided to build myself my very own Dojo. My little risky slice of heaven, if you will. I like to use it to meditate, learn the Jazz flute (I heard it's a sure fire way to get the ladies attention) and practice my awesome karate and sword fighting skills.

This is me meditating like a pro – I was in this position for at least an hour! Impressive I know.. if I hadn't needed a snack, I'd probably still be there right now.


Announcing my new stunt!

It's Jetpack Jousting time

14-05-2015 22:34:14

After all the Logies excitement last week (boy those celebs sure know how to party!) I decided to head to the outback for a bit of R&R. I needed a bit of thinking room to brainstorm for my next KICKITNRIPIT stunt. After a solid 2 days of thinking, planning, and a little bit of high speed driving to get the adrenaline going, I finally stumbled upon a winning idea.

Drum roll please... Jetpack Jousting! Inspired by medieval times (winter is coming after all) but adding in the jetpack to make it a stunt for this century. Anybody can get on a horse and joust, but jousting with a jetpack – now that's risky!! I'm finishing up my jousting armour today, ready for action... now I just need to find someone to joust against any takers?




01-05-2015 00:13:04

I've made it to 20,000 Facebook Friends, who knew I was so popular! Wooaaahh! Let's Kick It 'N Rip It! Thanks to everyone- this is gonna be big!

Walk the Red Carpet with me

Bask in my awesomeness

23-04-2015 22:56:43

Hurry, last chance to enter to walk the Red Carpet with me at the ‪TV Week Logies‬! Interested? Head to the following entry page and enter before 26/4/15. Terms and Conditons apply.

Click here to Enter Now!

Home sweet home

There's nothing like the sweet smell of risk

15-03-2015 22:58:41

Ahhhhh, it feels good to be home. Don't get me wrong – I LOVED Africa, but nothing beats the sweet risky aroma of my motor home. In fact, I love my motor home so much that it deserves it's very own photo shoot, featuring a cameo of a very handsome daredevil of course. She's my home away from home when I'm on the road coming up with my next epic stunt. Check it out! – Think Risky, Breath Risky, Live Risky!

Here's me posing in front of my motor home – looking pretty risky, if I do say so myself ;)

Posing from a different angle, you get a close up of the amazing decals here.

Now not many people have seen the inside of the motor home, so today's your lucky day. This is where I dream up all my risky stunts and of course get my beauty sleep.

People love my motor home so much; they wanted to interview me in front of it.


The Riskiest place on earth!

23-02-2015 06:24:55

Did you see my awesome high roller stunt? I made it like James Bond across that wire! I'm loving Africa – and what's not to love: Lions, tigers, rhino's... so many risky animals to see, so many risky things to do. I feel like I'm the King of the jungle!


I'm going to stay here for a few more days and soak up the risk – and maybe plan a few more stunts. What about Rhino Racing, Lion Taming...or running with the cheetahs! All I know is, I've gotta keep that adrenaline pumping.

Stay tuned risketeers!

-CR xx

I'm the ultimate High Roller

Sneak Peak preview!

19-02-2015 05:32:34

Well that was a long flight, but I have finally arrived and I've already been busy taking on some pretty risky stunts! Here's a sneak peak from my appearance on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Australia.


Tune into Channel 10 tonight at 7:30pm and watch me take on one of my most death defying stunts yet! Africa... I'm ready for you, give me your worst!

-CR xx

Africa here I come!

Here kitty, kitty!

17-02-2015 03:13:42

Australia, prepare for radio silence because for the next 12 hours I'll be on a plane to Africa! ‪See you on the other side.


I've got the sun tamed like a Shitzu Poodle

So what's next?

16-02-2015 03:19:58

I just have to say WOW, you guys are insane! I'm pumped with all the love you've been sending my way. And I'm so pleased you love my new pad, it's pretty risky I know – but I love danger and danger loves me! Not only did I take Risky to the next level but I've created the biggest, hottest and most amazing solar array (made from mirrors) in history! That's world record worthy!

So a lot of you have been asking what's next? Well I'm excited to tell you that I've been busy planning my next big stunt, but I'm not going to give it away that easily – you'll have to guess! Here are some clues as to where I am going.

  • I'm heading to a country that is home to three of the five fastest land animals... now that's risky!
  • It's gonna take me at least 14 hours to fly there...not sure my helicopter will be able to make it!
  • This country has the longest river in the world- I hope it's full of Piranhas!

Happy guessing my friends! Watch this space for more details, and remember – Keep it Risky!

The new Captain Risky?

Let's settle this on the cricket pitch...

06-02-2015 04:18:14

So the Daily Telegraph thinks that Michael Clarke is the new Captain Risky!! I reckon I could give Clarkey a run for his money on the cricket pitch! I'll even play with flamin' cricket balls, then we'll see who's riskier...

Bring it on Sun!

Need more power!

05-02-2015 22:41:30

Sorry for the radio silence - I've had my head down workin on a new project at my pad.

You see my place is off the grid as I need the space to try new stunts, build epic ramps & rockets, raise my pet pythons and house the piranhas. The only challenge with being off the grid is my lifestyle needs power, lots and lots of power.

Wind Turbine

I've experimented in past with some great wind turbines, and sure, they didn't work out but the quest never ended. I am totally pumped to say that I have now cracked it! I've been building the biggest, hottest, most amazing solar array in the history of solar arrays.

Not sure how much you know about them but safe to say, with thousands of recycled mirrors and a new Hot Tub as the main piece of the jigsaw, this baby will generate enough power to take Risky to the next level.


ps - a quick shout out to my 10,000 closest Facebook friends. Stay awesome.

USA Today Coverage

Almost famous as I am Risky

19-01-2015 22:36:43

Woah, I'm shooting to new levels of fame! USA Today have got word of my stunts - they called me "a cat with 9 lives". Pfft, I'm no cat, but I do eat risk for breakfast! ‪#‎KICKITNRIPITCheck out the video here!

Ski Jump Driving

I flew!

01-01-2015 12:04:10

Well I'm sure most of you have seen the jump by now – how epic was it!

Ok, so a few things didn't exactly go to plan, and yes the rocket may have detached but I definitely flew!

The jump has been such a hit that Budget Direct are showing off my stunt! I don't blame them, I'm all kinds of awesome... too bad they won't insure me! Check it out here... As you'll see, I love the camera, and the camera loves me!

And for all of you that have sent emails worried about Stella's (my beloved XB) welfare – you'll be happy to know she is doing great! Still slightly wet, and a few scratches here and there but nothing some elbow grease and the good old sun won't fix.

Well I've got some stunts to dream up – keep it risky people!

Ps - thanks for all the love on Facebook – it's cool to see 3,000 of my closest friends (and counting) on there!

The last 24 hours

Catch you on the flip side!

31-12-2014 08:00:50

With only 24 hours to go until the big jump it's getting real. The ramp is ready and looking great, Stella is in top shape and the rocket is ready to fire (and secured with occy straps and heaps of duct tape!)

We still haven't got the car on top of the ramp yet – but never fear Captain Risky is here! I just came up with a plan – I'm going to attach the car to a helicopter with a snatch strap and fly it up there myself, piece of cake!

You'd think I'd be nervous but I'm 110% confident, I eat, sleep and breathe risk! Catch you on the flip side.

7 days and counting

A stunt not to be missed!

24-12-2014 10:00:36

For those of you that have been following my ski jump ramp journey, the countdown has begun- only 7 days until I take the ultimate leap of Risk. Wayne and I have been working 24 /7 to get this ramp ‘Risky' ready, just a couple more nails here and there and we're good to go! The trick is now, getting the car on top of the ramp – we haven't quite figured that one out yet but we have a whole week to crack it.

I can't wait to share this amazing act of awesomeness with you - it's going to it's going to be bigger than Ben-Hur (so big it'll go down in Captain Risky history). So put the date in your calendar, clear your schedules and be sure to tune in to what will be the greatest stunt ever!

Let's kick it 'n' rip it!

PS - While you're here don't forget to check out the latest photos of Stella and the power fueled rocket here. They're so awesome – oh yeah that baby's gonna fly!

Building the ramp

It's happening!

16-12-2014 18:00:24

WOW! Have I had some emails come in the last couple of days! I know, I know, you're excited about my ski jump ramp right? I told you it was going to be huge! My buddy Wayne and I are building it all on our own. No manuals, no instructions just pure instinct to build that baby! We thought about getting professionals in but that would have taken the fun out of things. No pain no gain!

There's a lot of blood, sweat and tears going into building that death -defying stunt machine, it's going to be epic. Some people would say it's too risky, but once you've had the taste of risk, you just want more and that's what I'm all about.

Well I gotta get back to it; it's a man's work out there! And remember...Think Risky. Live Risky. Breathe Risky

Announcing my fly a car stunt

Why just drive a car!

12-12-2014 09:25:15

Attention adrenaline-seeking fans,

As you know, I'm always looking for the next challenge, I like to think of myself at the modern day Evel Knievel. I've done thousands of stunts in my car; I've driven blindfolded, attempted the world speed record for driving without brakes and even driven through burning rings of fire but then I thought to myself “Any fool can drive a car, but it takes a special kinda man to fly a car!” And that's why I am taking the ultimate leap of risk – I'm strappin' a power fuelled rocket to Stella (my trusty 1974 Ford) and driving it off an over-sized ski jump ramp, it will be all kinds of awesome!

Now don't go thinking this will be any ordinary ski jump ramp, this will be the highest, most riskiest ski jump ramp of all time. 300 feet of pure risk, built with my own two hands - it will be super risky and no one knows risky better than me.

So make sure to stay tuned for my most death-defying stunt yet, I'll be posting updates here – it's gonna be huge!

Welcome to my new website

Enter at your own Risk

01-12-2014 03:15:26

Hi, the name's Risky, Captain Risky. Thanks for visiting my online temple of risk.

If you love risk as much as I do, you've come to the right place. You'll be able to stay up to date with all things risky and watch all my amazing stunts right here. You can also find links to my Facebook page, (so we can be friends) Twitter account and instagram - so no matter where you are you can always follow me and my awesomeness!

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