Risk... tastes
like bacon.

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Spending some quality time with my number one gal, Stella! #kickitripit #Stella https://t.co/gthLIGDnyN | Hey guys, meet the family! They get along like a house on fire! ...actually that’s how we ended up here. #uninsuredhttps://t.co/5CQKKYCK9C | You know what’s riskier than a pet grizzly bear? Forgetting your Mum on Mother’s Day! #noriskgreater #mothersday https://t.co/AUTXG0kp5B | For my ally is Risk, and a powerful ally it is. #StarWarsDay #DontUnderestimateTheRisk https://t.co/9wvfWs8mOA | It’s hard work looking this good! Today is International Lookalike Day... think I’ve got a few of those!… https://t.co/6AKLym0rcQ | Drum roll please, announcing the launch of my own energy drink! Get a can of #KickItRipIt at https://t.co/tQ2FSm5BeJ https://t.co/FbzCLvNTTM | How do you lose a kangaroo? #WheresNed #RiskysOnIt https://t.co/QCUoOFef8G | Hey Ned, what to you call a tired Kangaroo? ...out of bounds! Ha! #Riskyslosingit https://t.co/F4fjjRVNkp | ..so finally out of the tree (don’t ask) ...Now what? #MiddleOfNowhere https://t.co/jP53sPTOks

Captain Risky

About Me, Captain Risky

I was born in a sleepy little town called Hazard, Nebraska. I’ve always been drawn to risk – like a moth to an oxy-acety-lene flame. Since I was a little boy and I watched Evel Knievel, I always wanted to be like him. They don’t teach that stuff at school. So I went to the School of Hard Knocks – quite literally. And I graduated with a PHD in Risk. I combine that with a bunch of Eastern philosophies and seven different martial arts to create my own unique philosophy on life.

One thing I do know is that sometimes you gotta go out on a limb – ‘cos that’s where the fruit is.

I truly believe that risk is the spice of life. It’s also the reason Budget Direct won’t insure me. Apparently they don’t insure "risk-takers" (aka legends) like me. It's how they keep their premium nice and low for everyone else. If you're not risky like me, and you'd like to get a quote, head on over to www.budgetdirect.com.au

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Stay crazy,

Captain Risky's Signature